Sandusky, a "Welcoming City,"  sits at the mouth of Sandusky Bay and claims over 26 miles of Lake Erie’s shoreline, not including the Chausee & Cedar Point Peninsula which extend over 5 miles into the lake and create a protected bay. Sandusky’s unique street grid is one of only two Masonic grids in the country (the other being Washington D.C.). It is known as the Kilbourne Plat after its designer, Hector Kilbourne, who surveyed and laid out the symbol of the Freemason over a typical block grid.

Sandusky, being rich in cultural and historic identity as well as centrally located, is the county seat and most densely populated city in Erie County. Our city is home to robust tourism, manufacturing, and healthcare economies anchored primarily by lake recreation and Cedar Point. While best known as the home of the amusement park, Sandusky developed as an industrial Lake Erie port town.

Much of that history remains evident in the bones of our region and echoes through the present in every corner of the city. Days past of bustling ports and manufacturing combine with unique stories of the underground railroad and the ongoing successes of Sandusky natives to give this small city its vibrant soul.

Historic downtown of Sandusky is a central business district that continues to experience a resurgence of investment and business attraction. Sandusky draws on its diverse historical identity to guide the way forward to grow as an inclusive and open minded city.