The Downtown Design Review Committee was established to make recommendations about changes to structures and objects in the downtown district when staff of the Community Development Department cannot resolve problems.

The Downtown Design Review District boundaries are Sandusky Bay on the north, Hancock Street on the east, Washington Street on the south, and Decatur Street on the west. All properties within such boundaries and all properties fronting on the opposite side of Washington, Decatur, and Hancock Streets are subject to the regulations of the city's code.

There are three to six members of this committee who serve three-year terms and must reside in Erie County (three being city residents).  Some members must have expertise in certain areas such as architecture, planning, law, history, design or art.  Current members are listed below:

Ed Windau
Erik Anderson
Bob Hare
Kyle Roth
Mike Zuilhof
Kristen Barone, Administrative Assistant
Naomi Twine, City Commission Liaison

Meetings are held as necessary.