The City of Sandusky is committed to implementing the vision of the Sandusy Bay Pathway, a 12 mile waterfront bike path and boardwalk that will span the city's waterfront and eventually connect to the Ohio Department of Natural Reources Sheldon Marsh Property.

The conceptual plan of the Sandusky Bay Pathway from Pipe Creek to the city limits, including The Landing, was completed in 2017. The City of Sandusky will partner with the Erie MetroParks, Cedar Fair and Erie County on the design and implementation plan for the Pathway.

The initial focus will be on constructing 12-miles of trail spanning from downtown Sandusky to Sheldon Marsh, connecting along the way to Cedar Point's campus and the new Cedar Point Sports Center Project.

The goal is to eventaully connect each neighborhood to the Sandusky Bay Pathway via neighborhood connector trails and bike lanes linking residential neighborhoods to the waterfront.