City to Purchase Land at Mills Creek Golf Course from Diocese of Toledo

Monday, March 14, 2022 (Sandusky, Ohio) – The City of Sandusky and the Catholic Diocese of Toledo have reached an agreement for the City to purchase about 35 acres of land from the Diocese at Mills Creek Golf Course. The Sandusky City Commission approved the agreement at their meeting on March 14, 2022. The agreement is still pending final approval from the Diocese.

Sandusky City Commission President Dick Brady said, “For decades, the City Sandusky has leased property from the Diocese of Toledo that make up parts of holes three, four, five and six at Milks Creek Golf Course.  We have negotiated a fair price for the purchase of this land that will now allow our city to both retain Mills Creek as a golf course as well as make much needed improvements to this facility.  Not many cities our size have a municipal golf course. This purchase insures future generations of our residents the opportunity to continue a storied tradition whileGolf Course - Copy enjoying a round of golf.”

The City and the Diocese entered into the current 25-year lease agreement in 1999. The lease stipulates that the City pay the Diocese a yearly lease payment of about $35,000 through 2023. The purchase agreement price for the City is $365,000, and once finalized, the existing lease will be terminated.

Reverend Monte J. Hoyles, Pastor of the Catholic Parishes of Sandusky and Director of the Catholic Cemeteries of Sandusky said of the agreement, "For decades, the Catholic Cemeteries of Sandusky has had a great working relationship with the City of Sandusky.  These years of neighborly cooperation have led us toward this transaction, which we believe will be of true benefit for both our citizens and parishioners for many years to come.  We look forward to continuing this relationship and strengthening the good that is being realized in our community through the joint efforts of our Church and City government." 

City Commissioner Dave Waddington, who serves as the Commission’s liaison to the Recreation Division and is a regular golfer at Mills Creek, said, “Mills Golf Course has always been known as the working man's course. I'm excited to see that Sandusky High along with St. Mary's Central Catholic will practice and have home events this coming season. Mills holds several golf outings along with city tournaments.”

Mills Creek Golf Course officially opens for the summer season on April 1. To learn more about the golf course, visit