Leaf Collection Schedule - Copy

Leaf Collection Guidelines:
  • Do not place leaves or yard debris in the street. This is a violation of City Ordinance 531.03 Littering.
  • Leaves must be placed within six (6) feet of the curb* by 7:00 am on the first scheduled pick-up day in your zone. This time will be strictly enforced.
    *For residents on Cedar Point Road (Chaussee), leaves must be placed on the South side of the street; leaves piled on the North (lake) side will not be collected. 
  • Pick-up is for leaves only—no sticks or other yard waste.
  • Leaves placed behind parked cars will not be collected. Property owners are encouraged to coordinate on-street parking with neighbors during their collection dates.
  • You are allowed to bag your leaves in paper bags. Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected.
Piles that fail to meet these guidelines will be marked with an X in paint. A notice will be left at the door and the address will be noted by driver.

There will be a leaf drop-off area near the Marquette Drive entrance to the City Service Center seven (7) days a week from October 24 – January 20 for those who miss their scheduled pick-up or have additional leaves for disposal. Leaves must be placed in paper bags for drop-off. 

 Schedule of Collection Zones & Dates*

*All dates are subject to change due to weather

Zone 1

November 22, 23 / December 13, 14, 15, 16
East of Meigs Street and Sycamore Line to the city limits, including the Cedar Point Chaussee

Zone 2

November 14, 15 / November 30 & December 1, 2
West of Meigs Street and Sycamore Line to Columbus Avenue from Water Street to the railroad tracks

Zone 3

November 16, 17 / December 5, 6, 7
West of Columbus Avenue to Camp Street from Sandusky Bay to the railroad tracks

Zone 4

November 18, 21 / December 8, 9, 12
West of Camp Street, including the Venice area

Zone 5

November 23, 28, 29 / December 19, 20, 21
South of the railroad, East of Camp Street to the city limits