City of Sandusky Awarded the Buckeye Impact Grant for Program Commemorating America’s 250th Anniversary

The project is one of 23 community-based projects chosen as part of the America 250-Ohio Commission $1 million grants program

 January 23, 2024 (Sandusky, Ohio) – In the lead up to America’s 250th anniversary, the City of Sandusky announced today it received a Buckeye Impact Grant from the America 250-Ohio Commission for its upcoming project titled, “Freedom's Echo: Sandusky's Underground Railroad Legacy." This project will focus on the city's role in the Underground Railroad, blending historical preservation and modern technology to offer an immersive experience. It will feature interactive exhibits, enhanced guided walking tours with QR code-accessible audio narratives, and a showcase of historical sites, aiming to preserve and celebrate Sandusky's contribution to the fight for freedom and equality.

"We are honored to receive the Buckeye Impact Grant from the America 250-Ohio Commission," said City Commission President Dick Brady. "This grant is not just a contribution to a project; it's an investment in preserving and celebrating Sandusky's crucial role in the Underground Railroad. It enables us to bring our rich history to life, ensuring that the stories of those who fought for freedom are remembered and honored for generations to come.”

The Buckeye Impact Grants offer up to $50,000 for projects with a statewide, regional, or significant local impact. These projects may include significant exhibitions, regional commemorative activities, substantial digital and documentary media projects and signature public events.

“The America 250-Ohio Commission congratulates the City of Sandusky on this grant award.  Their efforts in educating the public and honoring Ohio’s illustrious history are deeply appreciated,” said Doug Preisse, co-chair of the America 250-Ohio Commission. “As we near America’s 250th anniversary, these projects will play an essential role in elevating our state’s history and bolstering our communities' efforts to execute impactful initiatives during such a monumental celebration.”

The City of Sandusky was one of the 23 recipients chosen from the more than 70 statewide applications during the grant program’s fall 2023 funding cycle. The America 250-Ohio Commission grants program will work with Ohio Humanities to distribute $1 million in grants by June 30, 2024, and it is designed to showcase the achievements, struggles, honors, innovations and significance of all people in Ohio since before its founding to the present day. Themes identified for Ohio’s commemoration of America’s 250th anniversary programming include:

  • Celebrations and Signature Events: Impacting tourism and economic development
  • Ohio Originals: Highlighting points of pride and unity
  • Engaging Youth and Lifelong Learners: Education and scholarship
  • Inclusive Statewide Engagement: Museums, arts and culture
  • Telling Ohio Stories: Highlighting stories of Ohioans past and present

The winter 2024 funding cycle is now open with applications due March 15, 2024. During this round, the America 250-Ohio Commission will award approximately $600,000 in grant funding. The period of performance for winter 2024 recipients will be June 15, 2024 through May 31, 2025. Eligible parties must be non-profits registered within the State of Ohio, educational, and local governmental organizations located in Ohio. Individual artists, authors, or performers must apply through a non-profit fiscal agent/sponsor. For more information on eligibility, project guidance and information on applying for a grant, visit

To learn more about the America 250-Ohio Commission’s grants program visit