Public Arts & Culture

Public Art helps us celebrate our heritage, communicate our direction, and characterize our sense of place. Art can be used to activate a space and invigorate an economy, across all demographics.  Thoughtfully implemented art can define “Sandusky” to ourselves and convey our spirit and competitive advantages to visitors and investors.

Current Initiatives
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Why does Sandusky need a public art plan?
The Sandusky Public Art Master Plan can help integrate and unite our community together through defining and projecting our signature to the world. Our plan will set the standard for how we begin to implement and enjoy public art, while also celebrating our community's hospitality and artistic expressions.

2024 Public Art Work Plan

How can I get involved?
Anyone who lives, works or invests in the City of Sandusky is encouraged to become involved in the process every step of the way.

The City of Sandusky offers grants through the Public Arts and Culture Commission to help spur and support cultural and artistic development in the city. 

Artist-Led Project Grant Application