Rental Registration & Inspection Program

The City of Sandusky Division of Code Compliance is responsible for enforcing Ordinance 15-181 pertaining to the Rental Registration and Inspection Program.

Registration and Inspection Fee Structure
  • The fee for the first rental unit an owner owns or operator operates is $100.00
  • Each additional rental unit owned or operated after the first unit is $35.00
  • Any dwelling owned by an owner or operated by an operator which has more than ten (10) rental units will have fees capped at ten (10) units per dwelling
  • Any dwellings owned by an owner or operated by an operator which have rental units that form a community housing development will be capped at fifty (50) rental units per dwelling
Fees collected under the Rental Registration and Inspection Program are used exclusively for funding and administering purposes for the implementation of the rental unit registration process and inspections conducted. Fees collected will provide for additional Code Compliance staff.

Owners are responsible for registration and payment of registration and inspection fees for the units they own or operate. Registrations and payments will be due by January 1.

Rental Registration Form

For more information, please call 419.627.5913.

Trienniel Exterior InspectionsThe owner or operator of a rental unit is required to have the exterior of the rental, its structures and its rental units inspected minimally every three (3) years. Owners will be notified prior to an exterior inspection. Owners are encouraged to make all required repairs prior to the inspection. The inspection will be performed only on the exterior of the property, therefore property owner and/or tenant need not be present during the inspection. However, owners may be present during the inspection if they so choose. 

Interior inspections will only be conducted when there is a request for an interior inspection from a tenant who provides legal consent to enter or when the exterior conditions are in such a state of disrepair that probable cause exists to inspect the interior.

For more information, call 419.627.5913.