Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council

The Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council consists of seven members serving for three-year terms. This Council makes annual inspections of properties within the Community Reinvestment Area of the City of Sandusky for which exemptions have been granted.  Further, they hear appeals from property owners whose CRA applications have been denied or tax exemptions revoked by the Housing Officer. Meetings are scheduled as necessary. All meetings are viewable live on the city's YouTube channel: City of Sandusky - YouTube

Council Members Term Expires
Yvonne Anderson December 31, 2024
Rick Jeffrey December 31, 2024
Dru Meredith December 31, 2026
Dennis Murray, City Commissioner December 31, 2025
Michelle Reeder, Director of Finance December 31, 2024
Mike Zuilhof December 31, 2024