Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission was established to assist with the hiring and termination processes for city employees. The city's Civil Services Rules were adopted under Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Ohio, under Chapter 124 of the Ohio Revised Code, and the Charter of the City of Sandusky. Members are appointed for six-year terms in compliance with the laws of the State of Ohio and to adopt the City of Sandusky's Civil Service Rules & Regulations consistent with these laws.

Meetings are scheduled as necessary and held at City Hall, 240 Columbus Avenue, in the City Commission Chamber (first floor). All meetings are viewable live on the city's YouTube channel: City of Sandusky - YouTube.

At their January 2019 meeting, members of the Civil Service Commission approved amendments to the Rules & Regulations. Click here to view the amendments.

Commission Members Term Expires
John May November 22, 2028
James McGookey November 22, 2026
Vincent Rhodes November 22, 2024

City Staff
Erica Taylor, Clerk

Original Appointment Certified Lists
Fire Original Appointment Certified List 2022
Police Original Appointment Certified List 2024

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