Downtown Sandusky offers various parking options including handicap accessible spots. On-street parking is free and is limited to two hours in most locations (please observe all posted restrictions. Free surface lots, long-term surface lots and a covered parking structure  are also available.

If you are utilizing one of the ferry services to get to the islands, please check with the ferry company about locations and procedures for drop-off.

For questions related to parking, please review the FAQs below the map or call 419.627.5973.

Downtown Parking
Do I need to pay to park downtown?
Short-term parking is free, however, there are time restrictions. Convenient long-term parking (24 hours or more) is available at various locations.
Are there designated areas to park if I am planning on parking overnight or long-term (more than 24 hours)?
Long-term parking has designated parking spots throughout the district. Ferry-goers, downtown employees, and others are encouraged to use the long-term parking lots.
Is there parking for disabled?
Downtown Sandusky offers numerous handicapped accessible spots. 
Does a vehicle with a handicap placard or tag have to observe posted time restrictions?
Vehicles with a handicap placard or tag are given the allotted time plus an additional two hours.
Is there parking available for buses, RVs, campers and other oversized vehicles?
Oversized vehicles including, buses, RV’s and campers are permitted to park at the Shelby Street Boat Launch.
When are the busiest times for parking downtown?
Weekends and Holidays tend to be the busiest times for parking downtown.
Why does Downtown Sandusky have parking time restrictions?
Time restrictions on parking creates turnover for our commercial storefronts which allows more shoppers and diners to be able to access their favorite locations.
Residential Parking
Are there designated parking areas for downtown residents?
There are designated parking areas for downtown residents throughout the district. Downtown residents can register for residential parking. For more information call the Division of Planning at 419.627.5891.
Where can I get a residential parking permit?
Residential parking permits are issued by the Division of Planning. For more information, call 419.627.5891.

Residential Permit Parking Policy and Residential Permit Application
If I have a downtown resident parking permit, do I have to worry about parking restrictions?
Residential parking permits are utilized for designated parking spots in the central business district and do have parking restrictions. For more information about the parking restrictions or to obtain a residential parking permit, call 419.627.5891.
I am a short-term renter (transient occupancy), can I obtain a residential parking permit?
Residential parking permits are not provided for transient rentals.