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Effective January 1, 2016, the Sandusky Police Department began enforcing Sandusky Codified Ordinance Section 531.16, "Criminal Activity as a Nuisance User Charge for Excessive Consumption of Public Services". 
Click here for a complete list of activities considered a nuisace.
Sandusky City Commissioners passed Ordinance 04-159 in September of 2004 as a means to control excessive nuisance calls in which public service employees are being called to local residences and businesses in excess for non-emergency issues.  Local officials are confident that the enforcement of this Ordinance will help to improve neighborhoods in our community by encouraging Landlords to carefully screen their tenants and hold them accountable for their tenants’ actions.  

The City of Sandusky, Erie County and the State of Ohio provides convenient online services for Landlords and Property Owners which aid in the screening process of new tenants.

Please visit the following websites:

Sandusky Municipal Court: Click on the ‘record search’ tab

Erie County Clerk of Courts:  Under popular links click on ‘Clerk of Courts’ tab, then click the ‘Public Information Case System’ tab

Erie County Sheriff’s Office/Sex Offender Registry: Under popular links click on ‘sheriff’s office’ tab, then click the ‘sex offender’ tab

Ohio Attorney General:  Select ‘how may we help you’ link, then click ‘what do I need?’, under services select ‘background check’

Sandusky Police Records:  Search by last name or report number

For a local records check, you may also visit our Records Department at the Sandusky Police Department, 222 Meigs Street, Sandusky, Ohio.  Please note the Records Department can only supply arrest records for Sandusky, Ohio.

It is the intent of the City Commission by the adoption of this section to impose on and collect from the owner of a property the City costs for police and law enforcement services, which are over and above the cost of providing normal law enforcement services and police protection City-wide, if the said excess costs are spent to abate a nuisance, which has occurred, or is maintained or permitted, on the property.  The collection of the costs for such excess police services shall be by assessment against the property on which the nuisance, or activity constituting the nuisance, occurs.

“EXCESSIVE POLICE AND NUISANCE ENFORCEMENT SERVICES” means those services provided at a specific property address where a commercial building or structure is maintained for business activities that involve human occupation after four or more calls for service for separate nuisance events had occurred in a prior thirty-day time period, and a specific property address where a building or structure is maintained for human shelter after two or more calls for service for separate nuisance events had occurred in a prior thirty-day time period, and the owner was notified in writing that subsequent high levels of police and nuisance calls for service would result in a fee being charged for excessive consumption of those services, and where the owner has been provided with thirty days following the notice to abate the nuisance generating the high levels of calls for service.

The property owner is ultimately responsible for payment of all fines incurred at the property – the City of Sandusky will NOT hold the Tenant responsible for payment!



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