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East Sandusky Bay Water Trail


By definition, a water trail is a route along a river or across other bodies of water such as a lake or salt water for people using small beachable boats like kayaks, canoes, day sailors or rowboats.  Water trails are most often identified by the land facilities that support water travel.  These include launch and landing sites (we call these trailheads), campsites, rest areas and other points of interest.  On land, trails have distinct surfaces or walkways; on water it's the entire water surface, a surface that is constantly changing with flow, current, boat wakes and wind.

The City of Sandusky and Erie MetroParks hosted an official dedication of the water trail on June 2, 2007.

The East Sandusky Bay Water Trail provides many of the 7 million people visiting the Sandusky area annually the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views, cultural history and great recreational opportunities from a unique view, not typically available to all.  This eco-tourism concept will provide another option for prople to bask in the recreational opportunities offered along the waterfront in and along Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie.

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources declared this area as an Ohio Water Trail in 2007. 

Click here for additional information about the East Sandusky Bay Water Trail

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