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The City’s Code of Ordinances provides for a number of Boards and Commissions to be set up with volunteer membership from the community. Throughout each calendar year, various openings may become available on these volunteer boards; therefore, we are always looking for interested citizens to help us out.

Below is a current listing of our existing boards and commissions as well as a brief description of their purpose. Any person interested in making application may simply click on the pdf file to apply to serve in a volunteer capacity.

Because of the continuous change in the makeup of our boards and commissions, specific meeting dates are not listed here. For additional information about the frequency, dates and/or times of meetings, contact Kelly Kresser at 419.627.5850.


The ADA/Fair  Housing Board was established to ensure the city's Fair Housing Code is followed and people are not discriminated against because of any disability.  There are seven members of this board who serve for three year terms. Current members include:

Jeff Berquist
Amy Francis
Kathleen Wickens
Martha Thompson
Diane Corso
Kathy Linz
Brian Stanley

Elisabeth Sowecke, Clerk
Aaron Klein, ADA Coordinator/Director of Public Works
Trevor Hayberger, Assistant Law Director
Greg Lockhart, Commission Liaison


 4.25.17 4.25.17 
5.15.17 5.15.17
 6.26.17 6.26.17 
8.28.17  8.28.17 
10.23.17 10.23.17 
11.27.17 11.27.17 


2017 Meeting Schedule

The Audit/Finance Committee is made up of seven members serving three-year terms in addition to one City Commissioner, the City Manager and Finance Director.  The committee is responsible to assist the City Commission and City administrators in the preparation of reports and policies concerning financial information. 

Current members include:

Brent Gardner
Dave Hoffman, CPA (inactive)
Al Nickles, CPA
Dan Moncher, CPA (inactive)

Jim Ruthsatz, CPA
Brian Allen
Craig Stahl

Hank Solowiej, Finance Director
Nikki Lloyd, City Commission member
Eric Wobser, City Manager


2018 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:45 a.m. unless otherwise noted at
City Hall, 222 Meigs Street, first floor conference room.


 2.23.18 2.23.18 
2.24.17  2.24.17
3.24.17 3.24.17 
6.23.17  6.23.17 
9.15.17 9.15.17 
10.20.17  10.20.17 
12.15.17  12.15.17 


The Bayfront Corridor Committee exists to provide feedback and support for development projects along Sandusky Bay such as the Paper District, the Sandusky Bay Pathway, Brownfield sites, etc. This Committee is predominantly made up of city residents or business owners who have a vested interest in our waterfront and its future development.  Current members are listed below:

Judy Corso
Mark Harrington
Joe Hayberger
Carl McGookey
John Mears
David Miller
Gary Mortus
Bridget Sanders
Tim Schwanger
William Semans
Lance Warner
Kevin Zeiher
Mike Zuilhof

Angela Byington, Director of Neighborhood Development & Planning

All meetings are held at 7:30 a.m. at City Hall, 222 Meigs Street, First Floor Conference Room



1.4.18  1.4.18 
 2.1.18 2.1.18 


1.5.17 1.5.17 
2.2.17 2.2.17 
3.2.17 3.2.17 
4.6.17 4.6.17 
5.4.17 5.4.17 
6.1.17 6.1.17 
7.6.17 7.6.17 
9.7.17 9.7.17 
10.5.17 10.5.17 
11.2.17 11.2.17 
















The Board of Zoning Appeals was created to conduct hearings for appeals by any person aggrieved or affected by rulings made by the Planner or other administrative official (except the Planning Commission) in the interpretation of the Zoning Code. The Board then has the authority to reverse or affirm the respective decisions.

The Board is made up of five members who are residents of the city and serve three-year terms. 

Current members are listed below:

John Feick, Chairman
Kevin Zeiher
  Walt Matthews
Dr. William Semans
Dan Delahunt
Dick Brady, Commission Liaison
Angela Byington, Planning Director 
Casey Sparks, Chief Planner


All meetings are held at 4:30 p.m. at City Hall, 222 Meigs Street, First Floor Conference Room

 12.22.17  1.18.18 1.18.18
 1.19.18 2.15.18  2.15.18 
2.16.18  3.15.18  3.15.18 
3.16.18  4.19.18  4.19.18 
4.20.18  5.17.18   
5.18.18  6.21.18   
6.22.18  7.19.18   
7.20.18  8.16.18   
8.17.18  9.20.18   
9.21.18  10.18.18   
10.19.18  11.15.18   
11.16.18  12.20.18   



12.16.16 1.19.17 1.19.17 
1.20.17 2.16.17 2.16.17 
2.17.17 3.16.17 3.16.17 
SPECIAL MEETING 4.6.17 4.6.17 
3.17.17 4.20.17 4.20.17 
4.21.17 5.18.17 5.18.17 
5.19.17 6.15.17 6.15.17 
6.16.17 7.20.17 7.20.17 
7.21.17 8.17.17 8.17.17 
SECIAL MEETING 9.13.17 9.13.17 
  9.21.17 CANCELED
9.22.17 10.19.17 10.19.17 
10.20.17 11.16.17 11.16.17 
11.17.17 12.21.17 12.21.17 

















The Civil Service Commission was established to assist with the hiring and termination processes for city employees. Members are appointed for six-year terms in compliance with the laws of the State of Ohio and to adopt rules and regulations consistent with these laws.  Current members are listed below:

Marva Jackson
John May
Vincent Rhodes

Victoria Schaefer, Civil Service Clerk

Meetings are scheduled as necessary.


6.27.18 Special Meeting  

The Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council consists of seven members serving for three-year terms. 

This Council makes annual inspections of properties within the Community Reinvestment Area of the City of Sandusky for which exemptions have been granted.  Further, they hear appeals from property owners whose CRA applications have been denied or tax exemptions revoked by the Housing Officer. Current members are listed below:

Rick Jeffrey
Gina Deppert
Dru Meredith
Hank Solowiej
Peter McGory

Matt Lasko, Chief Development Officer

 Meetings are scheduled as necessary.

The Community Relations Commission was established in 2017 to recommend ways and means of initiating and improving city government programs designed to eliminate discrimination or to remove the effects of past discrimination.  The CRC is made up of seven members as follows:

Charlene Adams
Wendy Dobyns
Anthony Harris, Chairperson
Daryl Murphy
Taylor Sutphen
Jennifer Washington
Dominic Wells, Vice Chairperson

Naomi Twine, Commission Liaison
Justin Harris, Law Director (Ex-Officio)
John Orzech, Police Chief (Ex-Officio)
Rick Wilcox, Fire Chief (Ex-Officio)
Talon Flohr, Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator (Ex-Officio)

3.15.18 3.15.18 


6.29.17  6.29.17 
9.14.17  9.14.17 
12.7.17 12.7.17 

The Downtown Design Review Committee was established to make recommendations about changes to structures and objects in the downtown district when staff of the Community Development Department cannot resolve problems.

The Downtown Design Review District boundaries are Sandusky Bay on the north, Hancock Street on the east, Washington Street on the south, and Decatur Street on the west. All properties within such boundaries and all properties fronting on the opposite side of Washington, Decatur, and Hancock Streets are subject to the regulations of the city's code.

There are three to six members of this committee who serve three-year terms and must reside in Erie County (three being city residents).  Some members must have expertise in certain areas such as architecture, planning, law, history, design or art.  Current members are listed below:

Ed Windau
Erik Anderson
Bob Hare
Kyle Roth
Mike Zuilhof

Angela Byington, Director of Neighborhood Development & Planning

Casey Sparks, Assistant Planner

Dave Waddington, City Commission Liaison

Meetings are held as necessary.


1.9.18  1.9.18 
4.10.18 4.10.18 
5.17.18 (Rescheduled)  




The Examining Board of Electricians consists of five members, one of which must be a licensed electrical contractor, one licensed journeyman electrician, one member from the local electric utility and one member of the Sandusky Fire Department.

Members serve for one year terms and the board meets to examine and subsequently grant journeyman electrician’s licenses or for other matters, including complaints, relating to the installations of electrical wiring. 

Current members are listed below:

Dan Fresch
Daniel Hartleib
Kenneth Tunnell
Steve Rucker

Greg Capucini, Electrical Inspector

Meetings are scheduled as necessary.

According to the Ohio Association of Boards of Health, Erie County has representation from each municipality (of 5,000 or more) on this board. According to our population, Sandusky has five members on the Erie County Board of Health and they are appointed to serve five–year terms by the Sandusky City Commission.

The Board of Health sets goals & policies, hires and evaluates the Health Commissioner, reviews operational data, inquires of organizational activities and controls expenditures of the Health District.

Current representatives for the City of Sandusky are listed below:

Thelma Darden
Dr. Marsha Cooper
George Steinemann
Joey Supina
Dr. Richard Keller

The Erie Regional Planning Commission is in place to make plans and maps throughout the county identifying transportation, highways, park and recreational facilities, water supply, sewage and sewage disposal, garbage disposal, civic centers and other public improvements which affect the development of the county. Changes, supplements or deletions from plans or maps are made through recommendations of this Commission.

Membership of this regional commission includes one representative and one alternate representative from each municipality, township or village in the county. The City Commissioners appoint these representatives each calendar year.

The Fire Prevention Code Board of Appeals was established to rule upon appeals made through an order of the Fire Chief. There are five members on this board and are each appointed for one-year terms. Members must be qualified by experience and training to matters pertaining to fire prevention.

Current members are listed below:

Gary Guendelsberger 
Dan Fresch
Dan Shepherd
John Feick

Steve Rucker, Sandusky Fire Department

 Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.

The Housing Appeals Board was established to rule upon appeals made against the city’s Housing Code. There are five members on this board and each is appointed for three-year terms. In addition, there are two alternate members of the board who also serve three-year terms. Members must be qualified by experience and training pertaining to matters related to property maintenance. 

Current members are listed below:

Janice Warner
Dana Gamblin
Gary Guendelsberger
Frank Valli
Sharon Johnson
Walt Matthews (Alternate)
Mike Meinzer (Alternate)

Kelly Kromer, Clerk

All meetings start at 4 p.m. at City Hall, 222 Meigs Street, first floor conference room.


The Board of Tax Review consists of three residents of the city: Keri May, Bob Runner and David Brink.

This Board was created to conduct hearings with persons dissatisfied with a ruling or decision made by the Income Tax Division of the City of Sandusky.

This Board meets on an as-needed basis.

The Landmark Commission was established to designate, preserve, protect, and enhance current and future Landmark properties within the City of Sandusky; to foster civic pride in and consistent with established long term goals and policies of the City; to stabilize or improve the aesthetic and economic vitality and values of Landmark sites; to protect and enhance the City's attraction to tourist and visitors; and to promote the use of these sites for the improvements and objects for the education, invigoration, and welfare of the people of the City.

The Commission consists of seven (7) members and meets four (4) times a year and current members are listed below:

Timothy Berkey
Jon Lawrence
Alan Griffiths
Mike Zuilhof
Joe Galea
Nikki Lloyd, Commission Member

 Meetings are held periodically after regular Planning Commission meetings.





4.26.17 4.26.17
7.26.17 7.26.17
8.23.17  8.23.17 
11.15.17  11.15.17 


The MPO Policy Committee’s purpose is to guide the development and implementation of a coordinated, comprehensive and continuing urban transportation planning program for all of Erie County in cooperation with the cities, villages and townships, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Membership consists of ten members chosen from various governmental bodies of Erie County, one ODOT representative, and one Federal Highway Administration representative.

The Oakland Cemetery Board was established in 1975 to make rules, bylaws and regulations for the management and protection of Oakland Cemetery. Seven members make up this board and each serves at the pleasure of the City Commission for three-year terms.  Current members are listed below:

Thomas Darden
Kevin Zeiher
Linda O'Malley
Dennis Murray, Sr.
Andy Martin
Harrison Smith
Steve Toft
Deb Neese-Voltz

Greg Lockhart, City Commission Liaison

All meetings are held at 4 p.m. at the Oakland Cemetery Chapel, 2917 Milan Road, Sandusky.






4.26.17 4.26.17 









The Planning Commission is governed according the Ohio Revised Code, Section 713.02 and is responsible to make decisions on site plan and off-street parking proposals, lot combinations, minor and major subdivisions and recommendations on zoning map and zoning code amendments, right-of-way vacations and planned unit developments. Recommendations are made for the general location, character and extent of all properties, both public and private, in Sandusky.

There are seven members of the Planning Commission including six residents of the city and one representative from the Sandusky City Commission. Members serve for terms of six years.

Current membership includes:

Joe Galea
Jim Jackson
Peter McGory
David Miller
Dave Waddington
Conor Whelan
Mike Zuilhof
Angela Byington, Planning Director
Casey Sparks, Chief Planner



All meetings are held at 4:30 p.m. at City Hall, first floor conference room

12.28.17  1.24.18  CANCELED 
1.25.18  SPECIAL MEETING - 2.8.18  2.8.18 
1.25.18 2.28.18 2.28.18 
3.1.18  3.28.18  3.28.18 
 3.29.18 4.25.18  4.25.18 
 4.26.18 5.23.18   
 5.24.18 6.27.18   
 6.28.18 8.2.18   
 7.26.18 8.22.18   
 8.23.18 9.26.18   
9.27.18  10.24.18   
 10.25.18 11.28.18   
11.29.18 12.19.18  



12.22.16 ITEMS MOVED TO 2.1.17 (See Below)  
1.26.17 CANCELED  
  2.1.17 - SPECIAL MEETING 2.1.17 
  3.8.17 - SPECIAL MEETING 3.8.17 
2.23.17 3.22.17 3.22.17 
3.23.17 4.26.17 4.26.17 
4.27.17 5.24.17 5.24.17
5.25.17 6.28.17  6.28.17
6.29.17 7.26.17  7.26.17
7.27.17 8.23.17 8.23.17 


9.20.17 SPECIAL

9.28.17 10.25.17 10.25.17 
10.26.17 11.15.17 11.15.17 
  12.5.17 - SPECIAL MEETING 12.5.17 
11.16.17 CANCELED  




















The Plumber Examining Board consists of five members, one of which who is the city’s Plumbing Inspector, two master plumbers and two journeyman plumbers. Members serve for one-year terms and the board meets to examine and subsequently grant licenses to conduct plumbing within the City of Sandusky.

Current members are listed below:

Mark Dunn
Joh Luipold
John Zoellner
Dave Swander

Steve Brown, Plumbing Inspector

The Records Commission was established according to the State of Ohio’s guidelines to provide rules for retention and disposal of municipal records and to review applications for records disposal and schedules of records retention and disposition submitted by municipal offices.

In addition to the City Manager, the Finance Director and the Law Director, there is one community member.  Current members are listed below:

Dan Poggiali
Justin Harris, Law Director
Eric Wobser, City Manager
Hank Solowiej, Finance Director
Kelly Kresser, City Commission Clerk





4.27.17 4.27.17 
10.26.17 10.26.17 










The Recreation Board assists in the development of long-range planning for recreation programs for the City of Sandusky. In addition, members assist the City Manager in obtaining, maintaining and operating recreational facilities throughout the city.

There are eight members of the Recreation Board who are residents of the city. Members serve three-year terms. More specifically, one of the members is a member or designee of the Sandusky Board of Education.  Current members are listed below:

Larry Wren
Barbara Rose
Tom Sharrah
Tom McKenna
Sherrie Waddington
Shawn Coakley
Bernie Seiler

Jason Werling, Recreation Program Supervisor
Naomi Twine, City Commission Liaison

All meetings are held at 3:30 at the locations listed below.


1.10.18, Mills Creek GC   
2.14.18, Mills Creek Golf Course  
3.14.18, Mills Creek Golf Course  
4.11.18, Mills Creek Golf Course  
5.9.18, Mills Creek Golf Course  
6.13.18, Sandusky Bay Pavilion  
7.11.18, Sandusky Bay Pavilion  
8.8.18, Sandusky Bay Pavilion Shelter  
9.12.18, Paper District Marina  
10.10.18, Wightman Wieber Park Shelter  
11.14.18, City Hall, 2nd Floor  
12.12.18, City Hall,, 2nd Floor  


1.11.17 1.11.17 
2.8.17  2.8.17
 3.8.17 3.8.17 
4.12.17, Mills Creek GC 4.12.17 
 5.10.17, Mills Creek GC  
 6.21.17, PD Marina  
7.19.17, Lions Park  
8.16.17, Wightman Wieber Park  
 9.20.17, Shoreline Park  
 10.18.17, Mills Creek GC  
 11.8.17, Mills Creek GC  
12.13.17, Mills Creek GC  















The Residential Building Code Board of Appeals was established in 1980. This board consists of five regular members, and five alternate members, who are qualified by experience and training to pass on matters pertaining to building construction.

Individuals may take an appeal to the Residential Building Code Board of Appeals from any decision of the Building Official. Current members are listed below:

John Feick
Roger Gundlach
Dave Stein
Steve Rucker
John Luipold
Tom Bartles (Alternate)
Dan Fresch (Alternate)
Paul Prete (Alternate)
Richard Hohler (Alternate)
Gene Riedy (Alternate)

Scott Thom, Chief Building Official
Deb Leslie, Permit Technician




Sandusky’s Tree Commission was established to consider matters related to the care, preservation, trimming, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in all public areas. The Commission also assists in educating and informing residents about proper care and selection of trees and shrubs.

There are eight members of the Tree Commission, including five residents of the city. Their terms are three years in duration.  Current members are listed below:

John Parker
Jim Arthur
Cynthia Ball
Breann Hohman
Joe Viviano

Tom Speir, Greenhouse Foreman & Certified Arborist
Dave Waddington, City Commission Liaison

All meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. at the Greenhouse, 601 Franklin Street.


3.27.18  3.27.18 
 4.24.18 4.24.18 
 5.22.18 5.22.18 
6.26.18 @ Paper District Marina  















The Solid Waste Collection Review Board was established to hear and decide upon appeals of individuals relating to solid waste collection efforts in the city. There are three members of this board who must be residents of the city and at least one shall have experience, education and/or expertise in the area of solid waste hauling or recycling processes. Terms of office are three years.

Current members are listed below:

Karen Gerold
John Poole
Dave Waddington

Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.



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